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5 Essential Storytelling Styles for Facebook Ads

Ever look at your ads library and feel like your creative just isn't connecting with your audience? In this quick 40-minute course, we'll show you how to turn real-life stories and situations into compelling copy that drives awareness and engagement, teach you 5 go-to templates, and show you how to activate them in your business. 

  • The difference between selling & storytelling
  • 5 storytelling styles you can use in your ads
  • 2 exercises to identify your brand voice
  • How to activate the 5 storytelling styles

Need to hone your copywriting skills? Our flagship course, Words That Sell Anything, is a great place to start!

What People Are Saying:

I’ve always thought I was pretty good at writing copy.....and the new course “Words that sell anything, the official Ad Zombies copy writing course” has made me realize that I wrote like a donkey with a broken crayon..... In just the first two modules that I actually implemented, those alone drove my cost per conversion down nearly 300%!!!!! The videos, the templates, the homework make me almost feel like I could be a zombie one day. I’ve spent A LOOOT of money on “how-to” course in the digital space. You name it, I’ve got it in my library. Ken and his team has created one of the BEST courses I’ve seen to date, good work Spanky!

Todd Taylor

The course as the copywriting service is great. There is a lot of noise in the market and you will appreciate the quality of the information provided by the people that "breathe copywriting". It's clear, on point and applicable today.

Alin Chiriac

AdZombies delivered on their promise and MORE! I couldn't be more delighted with their service and professionalism... As the big guy used to say.....I'll be back 👏

Diane Demetre