Terms of Service

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General Terms of Service


All content provided by Ad Zombies, by any Ad Zombies or EntreGrow coach, as part of any Ad Zombies or EntreGrow program or service is the property of Ad Zombies and/or EntreGrow and is protected as such.

You may not sell, transfer, publish, share, modify, or in any way create derivative works from any Ad Zombies or EntreGrow content or resources.


Ad Zombies and EntreGrow may provide tools, templates, or forms for download or sale. These are provided for the sole personal and/or business use of the registered user(s). Unless explicitly stated, you may not sell, transfer, publish, share, modify, or in any way create derivative works from tools, templates, or forms.


All Ad Zombies and EntreGrow materials are provided for educational and informational purposes. The information and/or resources provided are not legal, financial, tax, medical, health, or other professional advice. While all information provided is intended to help with personal and/or business growth, the ultimate accountability is yours. There is no guarantee that applying the information or training will yield results similar to others shown or described.


All subscription programs will auto-renew unless requested, in writing, at least 5 business days before the scheduled payment date. Coaching program payments, whether paid in full or on a monthly payment plan, are NON-REFUNDABLE. Unused products or services (excluding coaching program subscriptions) may be returned and refunded within 60 days of purchase and are subject to a 10% cancellation or restock fee. Refunds will not be given to any one customer for the same product more than once.

Consulting & Strategy Services

  • Travel costs are not included in consulting or strategy services. No travel costs will be added if strategy session takes place at our Corporate HQ or via Zoom. For sessions where travel is requested, travel costs will be quoted on an individual basis. Travel will not be booked until a 50% down payment is received or session and travel costs are paid in full.